Don’t be afraid to go to church
Don’t be afraid to go to church.   I am always in awe of people who walk into our church for the first time.  It takes strength and courage to [...]
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A Grizzly Tale of Faith
A Grizzly Tale of Faith I heard this illustration the other day on a podcast…it’s the kind of illustration a pastor might use.  I hope you can bear it. Three [...]
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You Smell
You Smell I have been thinking about how our church has been shifting and changing during COVID.  For example we are unable to gather and worship in our fantastic Sprung [...]
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COVID Reflections: Masks
COVID Reflections:  Masks   COVID, the new normal has brought about many changes in our culture, our church and our lives.  One of them was wearing masks. We wear masks [...]
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COVID Reflections: The New Normal
COVID REFLECTION…. The New Normal If someone told me a year ago, that something would happen in our culture… which would temporarily close our doors and change the way we [...]
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