• on December 12, 2020

“I Will Do The Next Thing In Love”

I Will Do the Next Thing In Love

We are all building a life.  We prioritize different aspects of our life at different times.  Some examples of the areas may focus on are: emotional, social, recreational, physical, psychological, intellectual, financial, and there are many more.  It can be complicated to care for and develop all these areas.

I believe the most important area, the foundational one is the spiritual aspect of our life.

I believe in God.  When I look at creation, I can’t help but acknowledge a Creator.  When I watch a cut I have heal, I can’t help but think that there is a divine design, a divine intelligence who created us.

“God” is a big word with many definitions.  In my spiritual journey, I look to Jesus Christ and the Bible for direction.  I am Christ centered ( I believe Jesus God’s one and only Son) and I am biblically based in my faith( I believe the Bible is God’s word).

For years I’ve tried many different things to develop the spiritual aspect of my life, my relationship with God.  Prayer(talking to God).  Meditation (on God’s word).  Silence.  Praise. Worship.  Study and memorize God’s word.  Reading.  Listening to others.  Fasting. These are just a few.

I’ve also invested years encouraging others to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

For the past 7 months I have been reflecting on something Brennan Manning wrote.  He had spent his life trying to make a difference in others lives.  He was a Catholic priest, served his world in many great ways, practiced many spiritual disciplines, wrote many books to encourage others.  As he reflected on his life, he wrote that if he had to do it all over again, the one thing he would do to grow spiritually is this… “I will do the next thing in love.”

I’ve been “chewing” on this for quite some time now.  I’ve even tried to practice it.  I have failed at something that seems simple, so many times, that it’s not funny.  However, I do believe it to be the most important thing we can do to develop the spiritual aspect in our lives.  The other things I’ve mentioned are valuable and helpful.  But without a doubt, “doing the next thing in love” is a serious faith builder.

If you are looking to develop the spiritual aspect of your life, grow in your relationship with God, grow as a person, make a difference in this world…. I would encourage you to take on this as a spiritual discipline…. “I will do the next thing in love.”

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