• on January 11, 2021

You Smell

You Smell

I have been thinking about how our church has been shifting and changing during COVID.  For example we are unable to gather and worship in our fantastic Sprung building Sunday mornings at 10.  As a result, I’ve been evaluating what is important and non negotiable and what isn’t as important.

In a way these changes have been a blessing because we are faced with what really matters in our spiritual life. The most important thing is that we walk with the Lord.

I came across this illustration from author Rita Snowden(Let Me Tell You a Story, Tony Campolo, WPublishingGroup, 2000, p. 164).  She tells of her visit to a small town near Dover, England.  She was having tea in the late afternoon when she became very aware of an unbelievably pleasant scent filling the air.  She asked the waiter the source of the scent and was told that it came from the people passing by.  He explained to her that they worked in a perfume factory down the street and were on their way home.  When they left the factory they carried with them the fragrance that had permeated their clothes during their days work.

She immediately saw this as an illustration of what the church can be like at its best.  We should be a people who allow ourselves in worship to be permeated with the love of Christ and the sweetness of His presence.  Then as we go forth into the world the fragrance of our Lord goes with us, and all the people we pass experience something of God’s fragrance through us.

The most important thing is to be with Jesus… it’s not being in church service Sunday at 10 (I do believe this is a good thing but not the most important thing).  This idea holds true biblically as well.

Acts 4:13

13 When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

Their lives had the fragrance of Jesus.

You and I smell….I’m not talking literally.  What fragrance do people pick up from our lives?  Hopefully it’s Jesus.  That only comes by walking with the Lord.  COVID hasn’t done anything to hinder us from walking with the Lord.  If anything it may have revealed things we were doing that could replace walking with the Lord.

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